With Beccus we
change energy production
to fight climate change.

The Carbon Trap –
the basis for our lives

We can only breathe because
over million of years CO2 was locked away,
partially in form of fossil fuels.


By burning fossil fuels
CO2 was released back
into the atmosphere on
a big scale.

The implicated
problems threaten our
own existence.
Immediate action is

Today, the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere has doubled – in comparision to pre-industrial levels. If we stop emitting CO2 from fossile fuels (which is absolutely necessary), it will not effect the CO2 that has already escaped into our environment.
Natural Sinks can only deal with a smaller part of CO2.
Consequently, negative emissions technologies (NETs) are our only option to reduce the level of CO2 in the atmosphere significantly.

Our three options

  1. Economy

Eliminate net
emissions of CO2

2. Nature

Using natural sinks for
CO2 capture

3. NETs

Fast-track CO2
capturing with BECCUS


Bio Energy production 
with usage of sustainbly
grown biomass 
extracts carbon.

Plants still master the most effective technology in concentrating CO2. But: Once they die, they release all of this CO2 back into the atmosphere. We capture CO2 from biomass.

To do this well and sustainably we have to protect soils, reforest land, create jobs, not compete with food production, enhance biodiversity and improve local climate. All can be done at the same time. In fact, all has to be done at the same time.

In FOREST FINANCE we have found a partner with extensive practical experience in different ecosystems around the world who supports our goals of sustainability and biodiversity.


Carbon Capturing
with game changing technology
from Sweden.

Professores Anders Lyngfelt and Tobias Pröll have pioneered the Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC) technology to sequester CO2 from biomass. It is a thermal process using fluidized bed reactors with specific metal oxides to create pure CO2, H2O and energy.

So, instead of requiring energy to sequester CO2, BECCS/CLC produces energy.

Essentially, CLC significantly lowers the costs of extracting CO2 in comparison to  conventional BECCS technologies based on chemical sequestration.


Uitilisation & Storage
in products, cars, houses, cities 
and foremost where we got it from.

Growth of biomass and capturing of CO2 would be incomplete without preventing it from diffusing back into the atmosphere. It is the only way to reduce CO2 levels on a sufficient scale.

We prefer to return excess CO2 to where most of it originated (depleted gas and oil fields) and use existing offshore infrastructure such as the Northern Light facilities.

We see utilising parts of CO2 for long-lasting products as a secondary and complimentary approach and cooperate with Carbonauten in this field.

We the People
are tired of just talk.
Now is time for action.


Christiane Alberts
Christiane AlbertsDirectrice of Marketing
weaving bits of information together into campaigns
Paul Hoffmann
Paul HoffmannProject Leader
eyes firmly on the complete picture
Dr. Fabian Feutlinske
Dr. Fabian FeutlinskeHead of Fundraising
because idealism is not enough
Arne Knöchel
Arne KnöchelFounder
background in sustainable forestry worldwide
Dr. Max Garzarolli
Dr. Max GarzarolliFounder
feeling personally responsible
for repairing the atmosphere
Prof. Anders Lyngfeldt
Prof. Anders LyngfeldtChief Scientific Consultant
renown scientist with
unsupressilble sense of optimism
Prof. Tobias Pröll
Prof. Tobias PröllChief Technological Consultant
distinguished scientist and technology developer with purpose
Fredrik Jönsson
Fredrik JönssonDirector of Brand & UX
responsible for good look and feel
Dannie Quilitzsch
Dannie QuilitzschChief Lobbyist
creating traction of good will
Laura Serwuschok
Laura SerwuschokMarketing Coordinatrice
bringing the good message across


Every single person should become
a climate change fighter.
We need you and your opinion!

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